Digital Signage :

My Air PC provides a fully functional PC experience and thus also provides digital signage solutions. Plug My Air PC into an HDMI display and access to your files on cloud storage or locally and you have yourself a simple digital sign or a point of sale (POS) display.

Cloud Devices

With an in-built Wi-Fi in My Air PC, it is very easy to access your cloud storage where your data, files, movies, music, videos, etc. are stored. Cloud access ensures you can work from anywhere, anytime.

You can use My Air PC in the following scenarios :

* You can just connect My Air PC to the power cord and plug it into an HDMI display. Your PC is ready for use.

* It is so easy to use you can even let your child play with it! They can explore Paint, draw, colour, listen to nursery rhymes, etc.

* You can now edit, view and carry all your data (Excel), documents (Word) and presentations (PowerPoint) everywhere and anywhere you go.

* You can plug and project with My Air PC. Connect it to a projector and you can now have access to your presentation, you can project videos, etc.

* With Remote Desktop Connectivity, you can access any computer and/or software that you may need. For example, instead of installing Tally, you can access a computer with Tally and use it from anywhere.

* You can also connect a pendrive and external hard disk with Panache's My Air PC