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Builders and Property Developer Solutions on Tally.ERP 9 are built for managing Building and Property Development Projects. The solution facilitates Sale and Post-Sale activities for Housing and Commercial Properties. Some of the important features of the Solution are Enquiry Management, Property and Amenities Configuration, Booking of Flats, Sales, Allotment, Post-dated Cheque Handling, Collection of Instalments, Comprehensive Accounts Management and MIS Reports for Project Management Team.

Tally.ERP 9 Readymade Addon Customized Solution
Solution 1 Solution 2
Manage enquiry Source
Manage NRI customer database
Manage prospect database
Prospect follow up & Reminders (Lead progress and status report)
Manage prospect site visits
Manage website enquiries , email, SMS etc.
Manage enquiry form
Manage enquiry types ( Enquiry for Plot, Office space, Flat etc.)
Price range in enquiry form
Follow up management
Follow up history
Project wise enquiry report
Sales executive wise enquiry generation summary
Enquiry conversion report
Agents database
Defining project name and location
Project estimation (Project wise costing)
Project completion stage/status
Managing multiple projects
Managing project-wise price configuration
Manage Increase/Decrease in price across projects
Price change authorization/Authentication set up for voucher approval
Manage/ Assign sales managers for projects
Assign sales executive to multiple projects
Management mass update on projects
Classification of property as plot, villa, flat
Unique property code for identification
Building 'Blocks' management
Allocation flats based on Facing, Wings etc.
Managing 'Agent' information or intermediary information while booking
Capturing Block-wise completion date and progress updation
Preference location charges
Project approvals
Managing amenities configuration
Supplier Management
Material management
Contractors and sub contracter management
Indent to Purchase cycle
Purchase and Quotation Management
Management of Project-wise expenses
Managing property booking amount collection
Blocking a property based on booking amount
Multiple property booking
Different booking amounts for property dimensions
Property availability list
Booked property list
Property unblocking and adding to available list
Manage freezing of flats
Frozen flat report
Financer information (Bank Information against client)
Sale agreement
Managing sales discounts
Invoice generation for installment pay
Tracking payables for installments
Offer Management (Pre,post launch)
Managing allotment letter
Allotment Report
Post dated cheque management
Sale contract reminders
Multiple payment options
Manage payment schedule and collection -(Project stage wise)
Property ownership and possession transfer
Project-wise pending installments
Commercial receipt report
SMS reminders
Sales executive commission
Brokers commission
Joint purchase management
Payment schedule template for banks
Balance sheet
Creating commercial receipt
Profit and loss statement
Daily receipts and payments
Income and expenditure account
Manage multiple payment options
Manage outstanding receivable and payable
Trial balance
Manage Reminder letters and Confirmation of accounts
Manage Employee database
Employee payroll management
TDS, PF, ESI, Bonus, for employee
Manage employee attendance and leaves
Manage employee cost tracking
Employee income tax and e-Return
Managing Inflow and outflow of cash
Grouping of companies
Cash flow, fund flow statements
Mange ageing analysis of receivables
Statutory compliance VAT, CST
Manage foreign currency operations
Manage budgeting
Bank reconciliation
General Expenses Management
Manage media expenses
Agent commission management
Project-wise cash-flow statement
Date-wise cash-flow statement
Flat reports : allocated, available, blocked, frozen
Projects status report
Executive-wise sales report
Customer-wise cancellation reports
Project wise outstanding with overdue
Project-wise report with client details
Rental & Leasing Management of properties
Project -wise completion status
Block -wise completion status
Wings -wise completion status
Flat-wise repayment report
Client payment report (Date wise, Stage wise etc.)
Project-wise balance sheet and P&L
Party Previous Balance
System Date on Start Up
Address Book with Reminder
Grid Lines in Reports
Standard Narration
Delete Unused Ledgers & Stock Items
Monthly Agewise Outstandings
Voucher Type Security
Voucher Tracking Module
Detailed Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
Party Reconciliation
Fixed Asset Register Comp/Income Tax Act
Voucher Approval
Customerwise Itemwise Sales Report
Owners Dash Board
Terms & Conditions In Invoice
System As Voucher date
Disable Deletion Of Vouchers
Customer Support management module
Multi Discount Column in sales Invoice
CEO Dash board
Itemwise Sales Report
Stock Item Purchase and Sales History
Item Sales Details
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