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Dairy solutions on Tally.ERP 9 address all the primary needs of dairy like procurement, milk quality recording, sales & distribution and incentive management. Accounting, milk & milk product management, people management needs are addressed along with useful MIS reports.

Tally.ERP 9 Customized Solution
Collection center management
Supervisor details
Purchase route
Village details
Farmer details
Pricelist based on SNF and FAT %
Collection center with address, contact details
Collection center alteration
Liter to KG conversion
Purchase route management
Supervisor creation for purchase routes
Village creation along with route
Farmer details, contact details
Agent details, code
Farmer bank details
Automatic creation of price list
Truck sheet shift
Truck route
Truck sheet farmer wise
Truck sheet agent wise
Truck sheet samiti wise (collection wise)
Driver information
Milk truck information
Procurement invoices
Godown management
Actual and billed quantity
Farmer wise milk info
Batch bifurcation (morning/evening)
Automatic purchase invoice
Milk grade (Buffalo and cow)
Procurement returns
Advance payments to farmers
SNF factor (SNF Table)
Capture fat percentage
Capture temperature of milk
Milk solid information
CLR factor, LR factor
Price lists based on quality
Milk byproducts
Milk delivery time tracking
Milk rejection parameter
Auto SNF calculation
Milk units (Cans/jars/tins/litres)
Milk products management
Product categorization
Milk selling units
Milk sales account creation
Marketing executive details, contact details
Sales route creation
Number of kilometers per trip
Time taken per trip
Number of trips in a day
Customer creation
Customer wise product list
Customer wise transport incentive
Dairy sales order
Dairy sales return
Route wise sales order
Automatic incentive calculation
Sales voucher
Product sales return
Bill wise tracking of sales order – Reference number
Automatic posting of sales orders
Automatic posting of sales returns
Crates management
Empty crates issue and return
Scrap/leak management
Packaging management
Marketing executive commissions
Order short closure
Refunds management
Dispatch management
Incentives with route based
Incentives with village information
Incentives with farmer details
Incentive per litre calculations
Periodic incentives – monthly, weekly, annual etc.
Quantity based incentives
SNF/FAT based incentives
Incentive payment for specific dates
Automated payment vouchers
Farmer payment vouchers
Total incentive calculations
Incentive reports
Procurement incentive chart
Sales incentive chart
Overall incentive schemes management
Route based incentives
Special incentives
Product wise incentives
Balance sheet – Schedule VI
Profit and loss statement – Schedule VI
Daily receipts and payments
Multiple payment mode handling
Stock summery report
Branch wise reports
Staff database handling
Outstanding receivable and payable
Trial balance
Multiple cheque payment option
Reminder letter, e-mails
Company grouping (branch companies)
Payroll management for company drivers and staff
Employee attendance and leaves
Supervisor wise tracking
VAT on processed dairy products
Branch transfer management
Branch synchronization
Branch-wise revenue management
Branch-wise cost tracking
Cash flow, fund flow statements
Ageing analysis of receivables, debtor wise
Scenario management
Ratio analysis
Interest calculation
Remote auditing
Foreign currency handling
Budget and variance
Bank reconciliation
Remote access
User access level , Authentication creation
Automated SMS to the debtors
Receivables summary (Route wise, distributor wise)
Payables summary (Route wise, farmer wise)
Purchase route report – procurement summary
All routes purchase report
Farmer wise milk collection report
Farmer wise payables report
Route wise average collection report
Debtors receivable report
Sales incentive route wise report
Sales incentive farmer wise report
Farmer payments bank wise report
Route wise cash report
Bank wise payment summary report
Multi dimensional sales report
Order sheet with item details
Sales returns report
Farmer wise milk quality report
Route wise milk quality report
Morning/evening batch wise collection report
Farmer wise incentive report
Route wise order sheet with item details
Daily procurement report
Daily sales summary
Truck sheet summary
Distributor wise sales calculations
Collection center wise reports
Price chart for sales
Crates report – Empty crates management
Sales and collection incentives tables
Total procurement with milk quality parameters
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