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The Fixed Asset Management on Tally.ERP 9 covers Asset Classification, user defined depreciation methods and rates definition, Asset Procurement/Disposal/Depreciation calculations, Asset location and custodian details, put to use date, AMC with services details and fixed asset registers.

Tally.ERP 9 Readymade Addon Customized Solution
Depreciation Master Creation
Tagging of masters under fixed asset group
Multiple master creations
Tagging of Depreciation methods to asset classifications with rates
Fixed asset report generation based on depreciation methods
Asset classification
Set/Alter depreciation details
Method of depreciation
Effective date
Rate of depreciation
Asset group master
Asset item master
Asset location details
Asset ID details
Asset supplier name
Bill date for asset
Put to use date for asset
Insurance details
Insurance effective date
Insurance expiry date
Type of insurance
Policy number
Warranty details
Warranty date
Warranty expiry date
Warranty reference number
Annual maintenance details
Applicable date for AMC
AMC expiry date
AMC reference number
Service details
Service type
Service on or before date
Batch details
Unit of asset item
Voucher type creation for capital purchase
Capturing asset location details in transactions
Asset ID details
Quantity of asset purchased
Rate of items
Total Amount
Custodian details
Period under certain custody
Voucher type creation for capital depreciation
Asset Name for which depreciation is calculated
Asset ID and basic details
Location where asset is currently available
ID of asset
Depreciated amount based on depreciation methods
Voucher type creation for Capital disposal
Location from where asset is disposed
Item disposed details
Quantity of item disposed details
Disposal rate
Depreciation Master Creation
Custodian details who is in charge of disposal
Asset put to use report
Insurance details report
Warranty & AMC details report
Custodian Details report
Asset Register
Schedule 3 reports
Written down Value report
Straight line Method report
Assets Active/Inactive/Retired Report
Assets Purchase Register
Assets Sales Register
Disposal Register
Transfer Register
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