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Global Trade Solutions includes Export Sales Invoice with details of Country of origin, Packing List, Shipper's Letter of instructions for air & sea shipments, Insurance Proposal, Permit Declaration Consolidation, Globally accepted Terms & Conditions. It also supports Singapore GST return & analysis in chosen currency[FRS 21] with suitable invoice format.

Tally.ERP 9 Customized Solution
Sales Order
Delivery Note
Sales Invoice – Local w/ Annexure
Sales Invoice – Export w/ Annexure
Sales Invoice – Export w/ Annexure- under L/C
Packing List – Country of Origin in Packing list/HS Code
Cheque Printing w/ forwarding advice
Use of globally accepted mercantile names/terms
Last Cost and Selling Price
Packing Details
Purchase Order – International format
Receipt NotePurchase Order – International format
Purchase Invoice
Last Cost and Selling Price
Shipper’s letter of instruction for Pick up, B/L or AWBill
Insurance details
Port of loading
Port of discharge
Trade terms at origin & destination
Master & house B/L number
Mode of transport & their details
Permit Declaration – Consolidation of HSCode and country of origin
Simplified bank Reconciliation w/ Gridline
GST – in chosen currency (FRS – 21)/ with suitable Local Invoice
Stock Summary Report
Gridlines in Stock Summary
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