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Hospitals and Nursing Homes Solutions on Tally.ERP 9 cover most exacting needs: OPD, IPD, Investigation, Doctor Database Management, Patient Bed Allocation, Patient Bill Formats, Reports for Investigation, Diagnostics, Lab Tests and complete accounting needs along with MIS Reports.

Tally.ERP 9 Customized Solution
Patient registration
Patient data base
Patient medical history
Reference doctors details
Consultation charges and receipts
Billing counter user details
OPD registration details
User wise collections
Cash receipt report
Multiple payments
Multiple payment reports
Reminders (SMS/Telecal)
Registration card
Tracking of patient registration card
Patient registration
Patient data base
Patient medical history
Consulting doctors details
Bed availability check
Bed shifting
Advance against admission
Doctor reference details
Daily charges
Multiple payment mode (During admission)
IPD registration fee
Patient admission
Patient investigation history
IPD final billing
Discharge summary
Invoice (Medical Bill)
Discharge slip
IPD registrations
Admitted patients report
Bed availability report
Provisional charges
Cash receipt report
Doctor transfer details
Medical observation details
Surgery scheduling details
Drug issue to patient and billing
Patient registration
Patient data base
Reference doctors details
Investigation charges and receipts
Multiple payment mode
Billing counter user details
User wise collections
Cash receipt report
Multiple payment reports (Cash/Cards)
Investigation report
Purchase of medicines and consumables
Purchase returns of medicines and consumables
Tracking of medicine mfg. date and expiry date
Pharmacy billing
Medicine expiry report
User wise billing report
User wise daily collection report
Daily stock report
Sales return report
Patient wise outstanding report
Patient database maintenance
Employee database maintenance
Doctor database maintenance
Maintenance of visiting doctors database and referral fee
Administrator dash board report
Total patient registration report
Bed availability and occupancy report
Patient discharge report
Patient investigation summary
Insurance payments and receipts
Employee database
Patient database
Daily OPD registration
Daily IPD registration
Daily investigation
Daily cash receipt from OPD
Daily cash receipt from IPD
Daily cash receipt from Lab/Investigation
Daily admit report
Daily reminder report
Doctors availability report
Multiple payment mode report (Cash/Cards)
Insurance card payment report
Daily discharge report
Outstanding receivable and payment
Daily appointment report
Patient consultation reminder reports
Consultation charge master
Revenue type master
Service invoice with service Tax
Service tax forms
Balance sheet
Profit and loss account
Outstanding reports
Bank reconciliation
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