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Marble & Granite Dealers solutions on Tally.ERP 9 address needs of stone dealers, mainly with their calculation needs. The billing, calculations and contractor wise reports are provided for the management.

Tally.ERP 9 Customized Solution
Area calculations as per the mould type
Units of measurements
Rounding off of measurements
Slab table with slab options
Moulding types in invoice
Moulding description in invoice
Moulding calculations adjusting rounding
Rounding adjustment
Machinery masters
Length, width along with total area details in invoice
Moulding rates in invoice
VAT excluding moulding charges
Contractor details management
Contractor information in invoice
Contractor payments – without rounding
Tiles billing
Order management
Quotation management
Marble-Granite sales order with moulding options
Marble-Granite sales invoice with moulding options
Marble-Granite delivery note with moulding options
Marble-Granite GRN with moulding options
Purchase bills
Shipment details
Marble allotment to contracts
Marble export report
Consignment delivery
Bill wise details
Order tracking using tracking numbers
Optional vouchers
Reorder levels
Bank deposit slips
Price levels and price lists
Godown details in bills
Job work and job costing
Batch details
Balance sheet – Schedule VI
Profit and loss statement – Schedule VI
Daily receipts and payments
Multiple payment mode handling
Stock summery report
Branch wise reports
Staff database handling
Outstanding receivable and payable
Trial balance
Multiple cheque payment option
Reminder letter, e-mails
Company grouping (branch companies)
Payroll management for company staff
Employee attendance and leaves
Employee cost tracking
Employee income tax and e-return
Branch transfer management
Branch synchronization
Branch-wise revenue management
Branch-wise cost tracking
Cash flow, fund flow statements
Ageing analysis of receivables, debtor wise
Scenario management
Ratio analysis
Interest calculation
Remote auditing
Foreign currency handling
Budget and variance
Bank reconciliation
Remote access
Export invoices with marble granite options
User access level , Authentication
Contractor wise reports
Machine wise reports
Sales analysis
Machine wise expense reports
Profitability reports
Expenditure reports
Outstanding summary
Top selling product
Labour contract reports
Cash flow and fund flow statements
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