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Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Unit solution on Tally.ERP 9 handles the features like Bran Purchase, Vehicle Management, Lab Management, Oil & DORB Sales Management, Sauda Management, Accounts Management, Payroll Management, and MIS Reports.

Tally.ERP 9 Customized Solution
Vehicle-wise token entry
Gate pass (In & Out)
Token printing
Handle weighbridge processes
Manage tare weight checking
Manage gross weight checking
Lab entry
Generate and print lab codes
Contract entry
Goods receipt note
Manage freight charges
Supplier database management
Generate purchase orders
Manage husk purchase
Manage other purchases
Area wise master creation
Material(item)master creation
Purchase register
Purchase order outstanding
Broker-wise purchase register
Rice miller-wise purchase register
Vehicle unloading advice
Lab report
Vehicle management
Daily vehicle inward register
Purchase order pending register
Oil recovery report
Contract register (Group-wise)
Party-wise contract register (ledger-wise)
Goods receipt note pending register
Item wise inward summary report
Settlement summary
Empty bag management
Party-wise tin analysis register
Bran purchase invoice
Bran purchase order
Manage lab entry
Generate sample codes
Manage bran sample testing
Generate multiple testing codes
Print samples codes
Outward token entry
Generate the loading advice
Print loading advice
Manage sales orders (Oil/DORB)
Sales order register (Oil/DORB)
Generate sales invoice
Sales register
Broker wise sales report
Invoice cancellation
Quotations and proposal
Manage sales contracts
Vehicle details in sales invoice
Payments and receipts
Cheque printing
Bank reconciliation
Print deposit slip
Ledger summary
Area-wise group summary
Cash and bank books
Payment advice
Manage bills receivable
Manage bills payable
Reminder letters
Generate confirmation of accounts
Trial balance
Manage post dated cheques
Manage exception reports
Balance sheet
Manage final settlement
Broker-wise outstanding report
Broker-wise bill outstanding
Settlement register
Payment advice register
Revise settlement register
Revise payment advice
Overdue receivables and payables
Manage synchronization
Service tax
Cash book
Multi employee group management
Multi employee category management
Detailed employee masters
Unlimited pay head creation
Group wise employee wise salary details
Income tax management
Attendance management
Salary & advance management
Statutory contribution & deduction process
Statutory report preparation and returns filling
Pay sheet & pay slip printing
Payroll register
Employee profile
Employee pay head break up
Pay head employee break up
Gratuity Report
Provided fund reports: Form-5, From 10, Form 12-A, Monthly statement, Form 3-A, Form 6-A, e-return
Employee State Insurance Reports: Form-3, Monthly Statement, E- return, Form-5, Form-6
Professional tax: Computation report, Statement
Income tax reports: Computation, Salary Projection, Challan reconciliation, Form 24-Q, Annex-I to 24Q, Annex II to 24Q, Form 6, Form 12A, ITR-I
Daily vehicle In & Out register
Daily stock inward and outward register
Oil recovery report
Contract register
Final settlement register
Revise settlement register
Payment advice register
Broker-wise sales register
Broker-wise purchase register
Stock summary
Purchase order report
Inward summary
Bills outstanding
DORB register
Broker-wise bill outstanding report
Tin boxes analysis register
Sales order register
Oil register
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