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Advertising Agency on Tally.ERP 9 can be used by agencies which deal in newspaper advertisements, Audio(Radio) & Visual(Television) advertisements and also print media which includes banners, calendars, hoardings, kiosks, business cards, pamphlets etc. The solution addresses complete order cycle including client quotations and release orders to publishers.

Tally.ERP 9 Customized Solution
Purchase order generation
Paddy receipt note
Purchase returns handling
Purchase invoice
Levy management: state-specific levy on paddy purchases
Godown address in purchase order (different billing address and delivery address)
One bill and multiple warehouse delivery
Mandi market purchases
Purchases with bonus and final price adjustment
Commission to mandi agent for purchases
Recording paddy quality with batch
Multiple mill braches and branch synchronizations with main mill (head office)
Tracking paddy in transit and reconciliation
Handling CMR paddy and non-levy rice with details in purchase invoice
Purchase orders summary (paddy type-wise)
Re-order level report
Purchase register, purchase order book
Purchase bill pending report
Stock transfer analysis
Different modes of payment (cheque and cash)
Outstanding payable report
Bank guarantee details in agreements
Paddy packing bag details
Physical stock adjustment (handling damage, pilferage)
Purchase contract drafting and printing
Shelling contracts’ drafting and printing
Conversion reports of paddy to rice (eg: 68% rice, 10% bran etc.)
Printing mill standards and quality certification details
(eg: ISO-9001-2000)
Daily production report – details with rice category
Warehouse reports (to track mill-owned rice and customer shelling rice)
Daily expense report
Weight tracking of rice (loss of weight)
Detailed bill showing the usage of services
Packing material consumption tracking
Shelling contract summary report
Customer paddy and rice tracking
Mill-owned rice tracking
Sale of rice based on quality and quality info: Open market sales
Handling multiple brands
Printing rice quality and additional product details (Basmati etc.) On sales invoice
Price level creation – quantity based discounts
Sales bill with mill details and contact person details
Handling cash sales, credit sales, card sales
Levy rice management : state specific levy on sale
Mandi sales and discounts/bonus adjustments
Oil content recording (lab test) from rice bran
Sales return handling from super markets/retailers
Billing inclusive and exclusive of VAT/CST
Commission to mandi agent in market sale
Agent-wise sale report
Stock query - alternative product availability while making invoice/delivery (eg: same quality rice, brokens)
Price list of rice: display and print
Discount sale of rice: Identifying total discounts given/received
Carrying and forwarding sales (C & F sales)
Tracking partial payments, bill references for orders, multiple payments against same bill
Sales register
Sales orders book
Paddy and rice movement analysis
Columnar report - godown wise, branch-wise
Delivery report to different locations: warehouse and mill
Ageing analysis of receivables and payables
Ageing analysis of rice (Inventory tracking)
Physical stock verification: Rice weight tracking (loss of moisture)
Pending sales bills
Daily sales report
Daily sales return report
Stock summary report
Daily stock transfer report between mill and warehouse
Broken, husk, blower reports
Empty bag report
Transport register
Dharamkanta details (weighment details)
Export goods pending at port and reconciliation
Shelling contracts and printing
Mill energy consumption : electricity, water and maintenance
Gate pass inwards
Gate pass outwards
Gate pass summary report
Vehicle tracking : own and paddy grower’s
Vehicle driver details and tracking the goods in transit
Rice and paddy bags tracking of different sizes
Internal consumption of husk and cost tracking
Insurance policies: national and international insurance policies
Daily dispatch reports
B1 register : paddy consumption summary
Levy management and configuration state-wise
Export reports
Per kg cost of rice
Per ton cost of rice
Item-wise reports :rice, broken, bran, husk
Lab report : bran oil content
Foreign currency handling in export sales
Daily production report
Production report item-wise
Production report contract-wise
Mill supervisory team’s movement register to see the mill activities
Daily receipts and payments
Bank reconciliation
Branch transfer management
Branch sales and purchase management
Multiple payment handling
Synchronization with ho-branch-outlets
Staff attendance handling
Salary payments and pay slips
Agent commission handling on paddy purchase and rice sales in mandi market
Staff database handling
Bonus, incentives management
PF forms
VAT forms
Post dated cheque realization report
Branch wise payments and receipts
Branch wise sales and purchase
Agent-wise mandi sales report
Daily sales report – item wise
Daily sales report - branch wise
Stock summery report
Branch wise stock summary
Branch transfer report
Outstanding receivable and payable
Trial balance
Remote access
Profit and loss account
Balance sheet (also schedule VI)
Group company
Budget setting for the mil
Bill-wise profitability
Reminder letters , e-mail
Multiple payments reports
Item wise profitability
Ability to send SMS to farmers and agents as reminders for payment
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