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Advanced Sales & Distribution solution on Tally.ERP 9 caters to distributors supplying goods directly to retailers and customers. Reports are available based on location, area, manager, salesman and customer. It can be used to identify the area performance, salesman performance and manager performance. Analysis of product line and analysis of customer are also a part of the solution.

Tally.ERP 9 Readymade Addon Customized Solution
Multiple classification of Items
Multiple / Alternate units for Item
Predefine selling rates
Selection of stock valuation methodology
Batch Management
Define price levels
Purchase order generation
Goods receipt note generation
Purchase Invoice
Purchase returns / Debit note
Barcode scanning
Creation of Manager, Area and Salesman masters
Transaction entry with Area and Sales man
FMCG specific invoice
Capture salesman details in transactions / invoice
Sales Executive details in sales invoice with printing
Negative stock control
Negative stock control (Prevents to consume stock when there is no stock)
Define discount at Item level
Define discounts like Scheme, Cash and Special Discount
Promotions - Free qty
Credit Limit warning in Invoice
Barcode scanning
Direct updates on bank and cash balance
Top payable and receivable details
Stock purchase and sales details ( Volume and Value)
Top salesmen ( Revenue wise )
Top 5 customers basis on Sales
Top 5 products sales in volume and value
Top 3 non moving items
Top 3 slow Moving Items
Top 5 suppliers purchase and outstanding wise
Percentage wise total sales and profit for the period
Salesman wise sales orders
Salesman wise sales
Salesman wise cancelled orders with reasons
Salesman wise pending orders
Product wise month wise sales with profits
Customers bills with date, number and amount
Salesman wise sales return
Part sales and outstandings with ageing
Salesman wise daily outstanding
Party credit limit status
Salesman wise incentives based on target and turn over
Salesman wise commission on sale
Manager wise orders
Manager wise sales
Manager wise cancelled orders
Manager wise pending orders
Manager wise product monthly sales
Manager wise bill details with amount
Area wise orders with inventory details
Area wise cancelled orders
Area wise pending orders
Area wise sales
Area wise product monthly sales
Area wise bills details
Orders with manager and sales man
Cancelled orders with manager and sales man
Pending orders with sales man and manager
Dead stock items details
Non-Selling Items Report
Excess stock details
Below stock details
Customer wise oders
Customer wise sales
Customer wise cancelled orders
Customer wise pending orders
Customer wise product monthly sales
Customer wise sales return
Customer wise bills details
Voucher type security
Group and ledger security
Godown/Location security
Dash board security
Advance voucher number control
Menu display controls
Voucher type security
Group and ledger security
Godown/Location security
Dash board security
Advance voucher number control
Menu display controls
Service Tax
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