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StayLonger SAM (Service Apartment Management) is a comprehensive solution that has been built on the robust Tally.ERP9 platform. Tally.ERP9 is the leading ERP solution for SMEs with millions of users around the world. StayLonger SAM takes advantage of this popular platform to bring you solid management reporting capabilities for your apartments rental business. StayLonger SAM is a serviced apartments management solution built on Tally.ERP9 that helps you keep control of the revenues and expenses of the apartments.

Tally.ERP 9 Readymade Addon Customized Solution
Rent billing
Service Billing
Automatic periodic billing
Corporate billing
Selective billing
Variable pricing and schemes
Corporate discounts
Debt management
Monthly/Quarterly/ Half yearly Bill generation
Define billing heads
Define billing cycles
Multiple bill printing
Direct apartment expenses management (Cleaning charges)
Manage security and maintenance charges
Segregate expenses between Capital Expenditure versus Maintenance Expenses
Record and track ad-hoc expenses of the apartment association under various heads
Record fields such as expense description, expense date, payment mode, to whom was it paid etc.
Get Budget Variance Reports to monitor if the spending is as per plan
Query and view expense statements for any month or multiple months
Download the expense statements in excel,pdf,sml,etc
Approval workflow for procurement of goods and services
Ability for facility manager (or committee members) to create purchase requests and submit for approval
Purchases approval management
Member database creation and management
Monthly/quarterly/half yearly bill report
Outstanding receivable
Outstanding payable
Necessary statutory management
Income and expenditure account
Cash flow
Fund flow
Receipts and payments
Bank reconciliation
Cheque printing
Apartment occupency status
Apartment profitability
Apartment occupency efficiency
Online booking
Offline booking
website Integration
CRM Management
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