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Transport Solutions on Tally.ERP 9 have capabilities like Vehicle Management, Goods Delivery Management, Generation of Lorry Receipt, Log Sheet Management, Driver Database Management, Payroll Management, MIS Reports as required by the business, besides managing accounting requirements.

Tally.ERP 9 Readymade Addon Customized Solution
Vehicle master creation
Manage Vehicle database
Manage Road Tax information
Manage Home Tax Information
Track the Vehicle with Vehicle number
Consignee Master creation
Vehicle owner name (Hired)
Vehicle type details
Vehicle Engine and Chassis no information
Vehicle model details
Vehicle database
Drivers master creation
Drivers database management
Area wise Consignee management
Transporters database management
Manage drivers database
Generate the delivery order
Generate the lorry receipt (LR)
Manage the destinations masters
Create different price levels (Associations, Markets)
LR summary
Pending delivery order report
Driver-wise productivity analysis
Sales order management
Log sheet management
Fuel consumption management
Vehicle-wise analysis
Consignee-wise analysis
Drivers wages management
Manage the conveyance expenses
Display rate and balance amount in freight memo
Invoice cancellation
Multiple destination delivery management
Vehicle-wise performance report
Quotation/ Proposal generation
Specify number and kind of packages
Manage the toll charges
Manage the other delivery expenses
Generate proposals
Convert the proposals to orders and invoice
Supplier database management
Categorization of suppliers
Tyre master creation
Other Spare parts master creation
Lubricant master creation
Purchase of Tyre
Tyre Retreading management
Purchase of other spare parts and lubricants
Allotment of tyre and other spare parts to vehicles
Transfer of tyre and spare parts to different branches
Scraped tyre management
Re-order status
Third party stock item in hand information
Stock at third party location information
Stock summary
Godown management
Item movement analysis
Purchases bill pending
Purchase orders pending
Physical stock register
Vehicle repair cost management
LR summary
Truck-destination wise analysis
Truck-wise analysis
Consignee-wise analysis
Driver-wise analysis
Store register
Tyre register
Spares and oil register
Driver log sheet
Trip-wise performance report
General Ledgers/Sub Ledgers
Unlimited Classification of Accounting Masters
Receipt & Payments
Voucher Printing
Cheque Printing
Post Dated Transaction
Receipt Register
Payment Register
Journal Vouchers & Register
Alteration, Cancellation, Deletion Transactions
User Defined Voucher Types / Classes
Bank Reconciliation
Cash/Bank Book
Trial Balance
Profit and Loss Statement
Income and Expenditure Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash/Funds Flow
Ratio Analysis
Generate Invoice
Generate purchase orders
Reminder letters
Confirmation of accounts
Outstanding receivable
Outstanding payables
Group summary
Area-wise group summary
Sales register
Purchase register
Post dated cheques
Employee Details
Categorisation of Employees
Salary Calculation
Generation of Payslip
Generation of Pay Sheet, Registers
Integration of Payroll with Accounts
Salary Increments, Revision, Arrears
Employee Loans and Advances
Recording of employee Attendance
Interfacing of third party Attendance data
Attendance sheet, Registers
Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance Scheme
Gratuity and Professional Tax
Generation of Provident Fund Reports
Generation of Employee State Insurance Reports
Professional Tax Reports
Gratuity Reports
User Defined Security Control
Audit Control
TallyVault-Encryption of Data
Voucher based Security
Voucher security dashboard
Report based Security
Menu based Security
Multi level voucher audit
Tally Audit
Password policy
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